Flavors of Wine

There are many different types of wines to choose from. You could go with white or a red. Then you must decide what part of the world you want your wine to be from. How much you are looking to spend on your magnificent bottle of vino. Are you looking to spend only 50-100 dollars or are you looking for a special bottle and willing to pay for it. Perhaps you are looking to pay upward of 1000$ per bottle. There are many different types of wines to accommodate all budgets.

There are many different countries that make great wine. Such as Canada, France, Spain, Italy and many more.

bottles of wine

You can find all sorts of different flavors and tones to suit any tastes in wine. There are many different places to go for wine but I personally like to stay in Canada. We have many local wine brewers that make all sorts of amazing wines. There are so many local favorites to choose from that can be purchased at any LCBO. As long as you are over the age of 19, you are legally aloud to purchase any type of wine you wish to consume. Here in Canada we have tons of amazing flavors of wine to choose from. I love the variety that we have just right here in our own country. It is amazing that we don’t have to import anything, we can just get it right here at home!

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