The Tree Removal of the Big Oak Tree

For as long as I can remember, there was a huge oak tree that was located right in the middle of our winery. It has been there ever since I was a little kid. Earlier this summer my father pointed out that it might be a danger and that we should get it removed before it fell over. To my surprise the tree has survived over 40 years and is still not fallen over.

It is now rotting away as you can see by the image above. So I have hired a tree removal company to remove the tree before it falls and damages my grape plants. Our winery is worth a fortune so it would be devastating if the tree was to fall and destroy some of our precious grapes!

The company I hired was called Top Knotch Tree Specialists AKA the best tree removal company in the city (according to my good friend Shawn). They showed up and removed the tree within the span of a couple hours. They were very professional and they came super quick! Al and his team were super professional and I highly recommend them. They were very qualified as they are all ISA certified arborists.

It was really sad to see the oak tree go because as I said before, I cannot remember a time when it wasn’t in our vineyard. It will always be missed as it truly was a beautiful tree and will always be one of my favorite trees. To anyone who misses the oak tree, we have taken many pictures of it and you can also see some pictures of it on our website.

Alternatively you can look at this picture taken by Getty images a few years ago, click here!

I hope you enjoyed this post, be sure to come check out our vineyard to see where the old oak tree used to be!

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