Using SEO to Boost Leads to Our Winery

Last year our wine sales were at an all time low. Me and my husband needed to search for new ways to drive customers to our winery. We really had no good ideas, other than to advertise in local newspapers, and also in billboard ads. But these options were expensive, and we weren’t sure whether our customers would actually find our ads. We wanted to find a way to get targeted leads to our winery, we didn’t just want every person in town to see our ads, because we knew this would be expensive.

My husband suggested that we rank our website in Google for search terms that were related to wineries in our city/area. We both had no idea how to achieve this, other than to go out and purchase Google Ads. We didn’t like the idea of paying for every single website click though, because what if we just had people click our ads who were browsing and not serious wine customers. This was a concern of ours and we are really glad we never went down that road.

We stumbled upon a company in Calgary that does search engine optimization. We never knew about SEO or anything about ranking in Google before calling this company, but they were great at keeping us informed throughout the whole process. The company is called Alberta SEO, and they are a Calgary based SEO/website design company. They ranked our website in Google for tons of different search terms that our customers are searching for. We immediately noticed a substantial jump in traffic to our website and also to our business. We had more people booking wine tours than we had ever had before. We needed to hire extra staff just to keep up with the demand of customers calling and trying to book appointments.

We would like to personally thank the Alberta SEO company, because without them, I am not sure if our business would still be around today. If you would like to check them out, you can visit their website at:

Ask for Taylor, he is the owner! He is a great guy, and even better at what he does for a living. This guy knows a thing or two about driving traffic via SEO.

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