Tasting: Weingut Assman

June 23rd, 2005

Yes, its Assman, except that the double ’s’ is really a charater I don’t have on my keyboard.

2003 Riesling, Spatlese, Geisenheim Klauserweg: Showing a surprising amount of age (petrol, honey) for being so young. Unfortunately the petrol never really blew off and was perceieved by mouth as well. This seemed to depress the freshness of the citrus and floral aromas and flavors by mouth though the honey lemon aroma accompanying the petrol wasn’t entirely unpleasant. The wine was slightly sweet up front but turned a little sour on the finish. If I was tasting with a German, I suspect they would suggest that the sourness (which was biting) at the end means that they probably added tartaric acid, which winemakers could do only in the very warm 2003 vintage. Overall it was simply okay. I have had much better Rieslings thus far.

2003 Saptburgunder (Pinot noir), Rheigau: If you like popcorn butter poured over fried banana chips and strawberries than this is a wine for you! Additionally, a little RS gave a sickly sweet impression and I wasn’t sure if I was drinking children’s cough syrup or some weird movie theatre concoction. On a more positive note, the oak was nicely done.

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