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Saturday, June 18th, 2005

We have been here in Germany for several weeks now and have almost exclusively been imbibing on Riesling. This is largely due to the lack of decent reds and the availability (in the Rheingau) of other white varietals. That said, the Riesling has been fantastic, and inexpensive. We recently tasted several wines from Weingut Sohns. The owner/viticulturist/winemaker and his wife took us through several of there Rieslings, and one Pinot noir. Their basic Riesling (which was about 3.50 Euro) was an excellent limey dry quaffer. It was nice to taste this next to the QmP wines: Kabinette and Spatlese. The QmP wines were noticeably more complex and the fruit intensity was higher, particularly in the mid-palate. Tasting the 2004 riesling kabinette after the basic wine I realized how much flavor was missing in the mouth of the basic Riesling, in addition to length on the finish. The QmP wines were like chewing on fresh peaches and grapefruits, whereas the basic wine was like drinking a tart slightly lime flavored drink. This should not steer one away from the basic wine, but it is probably appropirately a warm summer quaffer in late afternoon, with a pretzel or fruit, not a full meal. Incidentally, the Pinot was full of strawberries in the nose, but had an oaky and slightly out of balance mouth.

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Saturday, June 18th, 2005

“To happy convents, bosomed deep in vines. Where slumber abbotts, purple as their wines.” - alexander Pope, The Dunciad, Bk iv. 30